We are just 3 Nutz with different backgrounds who were all looking to maintain our healthy lifestyles and had a desire to help others get over the scary parts of eating healthy, regardless of which nutritional path you are on.  

      Some of us started on this journey for health reasons and others gave in to Paleo peer pressure from doing CrossFit for many years, but we all ended up in the same place.  Unwilling to ‘cheat’, but missing the crunch of crackers, the sweet chewy softness of a cookie, or forbid, missing out on our own birthday cake, it became unbearable… and we know we’re not alone.  Don’t even dare tell us a piece of dark chocolate is the same as eating a warm, freshly baked chocolate cake.  It’s not, and have you ever tried putting candles in a piece of chocolate?  

      We have all searched tirelessly for easy to make recipes or ready-made items at the grocery story, but they just didn’t seem to exist in the market.  On many an occasion we found ourselves wandering from store to store trying to find the odd-ball ingredients involved in many of these recipes… hardly a desirable experience just to curb a cookie craving!  And well, some of us may have fallen off the wagon in these situations (we won’t name names) a time or two because suddenly the DQ drive through was just easier.  

      But through many tireless hours of hard labor and dozens upon dozens of taste tests, there is an alternative (OK maybe we’ve exaggerated how ‘bad’ it was).  Once again you can easily have your chips and guacamole, cookies for a party, zucchini hummus and crackers and a friggin’ BIRTHDAY CAKE(!) without derailing everything you’ve worked so hard to maintain.  We’re not saying you should start eating cookies or crackers everyday, we’re just saying when you want to treat yourself, Go Nutz the Healthy Way!